Don't Let The World Overwhelm You

This was the theme of a recent yoga class I took. It was full of heart openers, lions breaths and pigeon poses. It was also a message I profoundly wanted to share with my clients: "Don't let the world overwhelm you." 

In those moments that stretch to hours, that stretch to days .... the moments that feel heavy and insurmountable, there's always a thread to be pulled. What I mean is that something can always be done. Yoga is hugely helpful, but what else? What about sustaining at all hours?

I found myself feeling this similar bought of heaviness recently, the kind I've witnessed in my clients before, so I paused to examine. What? Why? How? When? Where?

What? = Heaviness 

Why? = Words from Others, Expectations, Short on Time, Misunderstandings, Exhaustion

How? = Commitment to Guests, Inertia

When? = Morning, Midday, Evening

Where? = Inside, Anticipating Action, Acting Out of Integrity

Witnessing the data and the ebbs and flows I came to examine this:

  • Triggers are everywhere

  • Triggers are wolves in sheep's clothing; you never know where and when it can come from

  • Assumptions have the most heat

  • Inflammation of the pain comes from giving significance to the "what ifs"

How to Stop It, How to Soften, How to Lighten:

  • Go right towards the thing and shower with compassion

  • Long walks

  • Increase frequency from podcasts + books

  • Meditate

  • Force a smile on your face

  • Just say fuck it

  • Decide you want it more than you are afraid of it

  • Talk to someone, share everything, release

  • Act before you're ready