How to Laugh More

For someone who tends to gravitate to deep thinking and seriousness, a la personal development everything and non-fiction books - I recently discovered I need to laugh more. 
Martha Beck reminded me of this, Oprah's life coach. She talks about how nurses are allowed to carry around water guns to squirt at each other to support the laughter of their patients, and I thought that was brilliant. I'm a pretty light hearted person, but sometimes I forget to giggle and find the levity in the moment.

Here are some ways that have helped me:

- joined a laughter filled co-working space

- subscribed to funny podcasts (Lovett or Leave it kills me)

- called my silliest, can't-talk-to-them-without-laughing friends

- watch funny shows! (obvious to most, but not always to me). When in doubt type FRIENDS into Netflix

- attended sweaty, ridiculous dance class in complete darkness called Dance Church at 10am on a Sunday morning

- did handstands in the hallway whenever I feel above average tense

- pet every dog you can find on the sidewalk and wait for miracles to happen

This list is a work in progress, but I'm excited to keep going. Any suggestions?