Go-To Breathing Techniques

1. Alternate Nostril Breathing - I was introduced to this in yoga class years ago, and for me, it is by far the most effective way I have found to activate the “calming” parasympathetic nervous system which brings me back to baseline when I am triggered, spinning or overwhelmed.

2. Deep Belly Diaphragmatic Breathing - I like to do this as often as I possibly can between my coaching calls to bring my mind to stillness and clarity. When I’m moving throughout my day, I tend to forget breathing deeply. This practice integrates my whole body and allows me to center and restore myself when I have a lot going on.

3. Wim Hof Breathing - I went to a Wim Hof “Ice Man” workshop last year and it was pretty life changing. In addition to teaching us about how the cold can activate our mitochondria to support our immune system, the class also trained us in short deep breathes that can seriously support energy levels. It’s a bit more labor intensive, but changes are noticeable when you take the time.

4. Child's pose breathing - I’m always taken aback by how affective breathing in this position is during my yoga classes. I’m sharing a video of an athlete instead of yogi to drive the point home that everyone, not just children or yogis, should get down on the floor and do it.

5. Lying down body scan breathing - I tend to incorporate body scanning breathing techniques to help me fall asleep, but it’s also useful any time of the day. It helps me redirect my focus of attention very effectively. Sometimes I incorporate this technique in coaching calls to help get clients out of their head. :)

6. Three-part (diaphram-heart-mouth) breathwork - This may be my favorite style of all of the above. I discovered breathwork master Erin Telford through my dear friend earlier this year and was so struck by this simple style. I remember thinking this is how breathe should always feel in the body. It feels like my most natural and full expression.