My Favorite Coaching Questions For Behavior Change

  1. How would you love to FEEL right now? (name the feelings, describe how someone might access those feelings)

  2. Which versions of your former self do you want to BREAK UP with?

  3. Who do you want to BE? (what kind of person? what version of yourself? visualize that person.)

  4. How might someone who DID know act right now?

  5. How would I feel if it wasn't THIS way?

  6. What if you DID know?

  7. What is your BODY telling you? What is your HEART telling you? What is your HEAD telling you?

  8. What if you said YES to this right now?

  9. What is the METAPHOR / picture that explains your current feeling?

  10. Who are you BECOMING? (Thank you Michelle Obama!)

  11. What is the COURAGEOUS choice?