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This workshop will be co-led with master Public Speaking Coach Eric Fettner of OutEducated.

About the workshop

Is, public speaking, presenting and communicating to groups or talking to your boss is intimidating?  I already know that for most of us, it is. That’s because the fear of public speaking or social phobia is the number one fear of every survey list, asking men and women “what do you fear most?”... near the top of every list!

Speaking shouldn’t be scarier than death, it should be the opposite and become something that you’re passionate about. Human beings are born with an amazing ability to communicate but overtime society molds our communication into something colder and less dynamic.

What will this workshop actually do?

This workshop will dramatically increase your ability to communicate effectively with others in all environments and rocket you past your peers and colleagues.  After this workshop, it won’t matter if you’re speaking to a single person or 10,000 people in person, over the phone or through video, because you’ll learn the skills and gain the confidence you need to succeed. 


  • Increased confidence
  • Eliminate the fear of presenting or speaking in front of any size crowd
  • Learn to speak extemporaneously without notes or a teleprompter or pre-written speech
  • Eliminate stutters and filler words
  • Understand the proper use of visual aids